Visioning in the digitally mature museum

Organisation One by One

What is ‘visioning’ and how can it help your museum to develop digital skills and literacies?

This ‘explainer’ by Dr Marco Mason forms part of University of Leicester’s One by One project aimed at building digital literacy and confidence in museums.

The resource is aimed at museums that are already confident in undertaking digital projects and are making use of digital technologies in many areas of their work. For other museums it may offer inspiration by showing what can be achieved once digital practice becomes an integral part of your approach to all aspects of your museum’s activities.

If you find this resource interesting, take a look at the two-part case study Marco wrote about putting this people-first approach into practice when visioning Derby Museums’ online presence.

Rights © University of Leicester (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Published February 2020
Format Web page
Creator Dr Marco Mason