Understanding and mapping digital activity

Organisation Culture24

This framing and mapping exercise is designed to support organisations to understand their digital activities. The framing is drawn from One by One, a multi-stakeholder, University of Leicester-led, international initiative working to build digital confidence in museums, of which Culture24 is a founding partner.

All digital activities and analogue activities supported by digital within a cultural organisation can be broken down into four distinct (yet often overlapping) elements: use, manage, create and understand. This resource unpacks those elements, using practical examples to put them into a real-world contexts.  Understanding that digital activity in arts and heritage organisations encompasses those four areas is helpful in framing conversations, strategy and decision-making around digital, at all levels of activity. The mapping exercise within this resource will help you to have conversations around how you use, manage, create and understand your digital activities. The resource also features an example of the mapping exercise, undertaken within the context of marketing activities through Facebook.

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Published August 2021
Format Website
Creator Anra Kennedy and Alec Ward