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Ultimate guide to remote meetings

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For those who aren’t used to it, working remotely can be a challenge in knowing how to keep up to date with other colleagues and staying on track with your current projects. You may be used to sharing a workspace before where you could just ask the person a simple question or had a shared project board that helped you map our your workloads. How do you carry on this workflow remotely?

This handy guide from Slack – an instant messaging tool that helps you prioritise workload and share files from wherever you are – shows you how to set up effective virtual meetings with your team. It is packed with plenty of tips around to make sure everyone feels engaged and involved in projects as well as how to maintain relationships with your colleagues to retain that creative spark for great ideas. It will help you remain proactive and productive without feeling overwhelmed.

We think this guide will be useful for those who are trying out working remotely for the first time, and also act as a refresher for those who already do this. The tips inside this guide are helpful and can be applied without using Slack.


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