Thinking small – how small changes can get big results

Organisation V&A

Kati is head of digital media at the V&A and in this well-structured and easy to read blog post she describes in seven simple steps how they improved the usability and impact of their own website through a series of small-scale, tactical improvements.

She describes how they reviewed their priorities for the site to make sure that their testing and evaluation was against the right criteria. They then took a user centred approach to improving the visitor experience through A/B testing (testing different versions with audiences), web analytics and tracking links.  Issues tackled include how to:

  • Help users plan a visit
  • Improve legibility and flow of content
  • Identify ways to increase income generation
  • Improve newsletter sign ups
  • Monitor, measure and respond

Kati also touches on the challenges internally to working in this iterative way and the value of continuous improvement. She blogs regularly about digital experiments.

Published 11/11/2015
Format Web page
Creator Kati Price