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A Guide to Virtual Museum Resources

Organisation Museum Computer Network

In response to COVID-19, many public spaces across the globe are closing to the public and social distancing is becoming a reality for the foreseeable future. This raised a challenge for our sector of how to remain ‘open’ to our audiences and make the best use of our collections and online resources.

The potential of online collections, virtual tours, and social media campaigns have always been there, but now the opportunity for impact is incalculable. This is the museum technology community’s time to shine!

The Museum Computer Network put out an open call to collate in one place, a list for anyone to access for free. On this list is educational resources for e-learning, virtual retreats to art, culture, and history around the globe, and which museums have open access to their online collections.

This list will be continually updated with examples of museum and museum-adjacent virtual awesomeness. It is by no means exhaustive.

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Published 14 March 2020
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