Spend time on ideas to make richer experiences

Organisation GIFT

This resource offers steps to try, with supporting resources, to help you think about creating a rich digital experience for your visitors in galleries. The following are recommended things to do and methods to try out – all about practising ideation in a museum context:

  • Start with people and purpose
  • Collaborate on ideas
  • Test ideas

In this resource you will find other useful resources including:

  • VisitorBox Ideation Cards – using cards to get technological ideas with point of departure in purpose and people.
  • ASAP Map – a paper-based tool that helps you strengthen your ideas together with your collaborators.
  • Experiment Planner – a paper-based tool that helps you plan an experiment to test your idea.

This article was originally published by the GIFT project, a research project that Culture24 was partnered with, funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research programme. To find out more about GIFT, visit their website.

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Published December 2019