Reuse of Digitised Content (1): So you want to reuse digital heritage content in a creative context? Good luck with that.


Before embarking on the digitisation of your content, this thought-provoking article will help you consider the needs and motivations of the people seeking to reuse your images in creative ways and why you should think about the platforms, reproduction rights and quality of the imagery you are about to share with audiences online.

The article examines creative reuses of digitised cultural heritage content and explores why museums should consider making their digitised collections easier for people to find and reuse in creative ways.

You might not agree with everything Melissa Terras has to say about opening up your digital content to creative practitioners, but this is essential reading for anyone considering digitising their collection who may be wrestling with issues around the rights and reuse of their resources.

Terras makes a strong case not only for Creative Commons licensing but also for high quality, hi-resolution and easily findable imagery with clear rights information.

Rights Melissa Terras
Published 06/10/2014
Format Web page
Creator Melissa Terras