Live streaming for the arts: lo-fi and low cost options

Organisation The Space

This resource, created by Jason Crouch for The Space, is an in-depth introduction to live streaming using low cost and low tech options. The resource covers the platforms available for low cost streaming through a wide variety of devices and breaks it down into helpful categories, ‘broadcast’, ‘mobile’ and ‘webinar’. It also covers useful topics which are sometime forgotten, such as the privacy and security of the platforms and the rights associated with performers and content.

The resource includes some useful tips for equipment and the technical considerations which need to be addressed before you start streaming. It also gives some useful advice for stepping it up a level, once you’ve got to grips with the basics. Finally, there is a useful table which breaks down the three key, easy access platforms, Facebook Live, YouTube and Periscope, and gives an overview of the differences between the platforms. The resource is aimed more towards the performing arts, but there is still lots of useful information in there for museums.

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