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This video was posted by the AMA (Arts Marketing Assocation) as part of their breakout session for the AMA Digital Marketing Day 2019 – Beyond Digital. It features content and channel strategist Jennifer Staves talking about how a change in editorial strategy enabled the Wellcome Collection to reach more people with more engaging content.

It covers:

  • Insights into creating meaningful content
  • Tips for increasing content engagement rates
  • Advice for creatively connecting organisational objectives to audience preferences

Jennifer Staves, Danny Birchall and Alice White gave a talk at MW 2019 (MuseWeb) conference entitled Digital Content, Storytelling and Journalism: A Genuine Museum Experience. The talk is a more indepth cover of the breakout video, specifically around the effects of being a journalistic approach to storytelling and the impact it has on the Wellcome Collection’s audience. This talk is for those with more experience and input into the editorial process and is aimed more towards the intermediate level. It contains some really useful detail on the copyediting process at the Wellcome and can help you think about your own brand guidelines and copywriting process for digital content.


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Published 2019
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Creator Jennifer Staves