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How to start a podcast

Organisation The Space

How can a small team or a small arts organisation, perhaps overstretched and always with limited funding, take their work and bring it to a wider audience through podcasting?

In this resource from The Space, Clare Freeman shows you how to use what you already know, how to add to your skills, and why now is the time to make an arts podcast. It gives you tips on why you should start one, tips on how to create one and pointers to the equipment you will need.

Why create a podcast?

Podcasting is a cost-effective way to document what your arts organisation is doing, to take your work and put it out in a permanent digital form. Yet it can do more than address a funding issue, it can create a new audience for your organisation.

About The Space:

The Space is a digital agency established by Arts Council England and the BBC to help promote digital engagement across the arts and cultural sector. We also work regularly with Creative Scotland, the Arts Council of Wales and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

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