How to set up a digital community of practice

Organisation One by One

This how-to guide, by Yoti Goudas, forms part of the University of Leicester’s One by One project aimed at building digital literacy and confidence in museums. Yoti worked with Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales (AC-NMW) and explored ways to develop a digital community of practice within the museum.

This guide includes tools and templates to use to create your own community.

The approach outlined is suitable for any museum or service whose staff or volunteers want to share and develop digital skills and knowledge. It can be carried out in-house, particularly in larger museums or services, or in partnership with other museums or organisations. It offers a way for the people involved to begin and sustain a dialogue with others, learning and contributing skills.

Yoti has also written up a case study about developing a digital community of practice at AC-NMW, which is a useful read alongside this one.

Rights © University of Leicester (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Published February 2020
Format Web page with downloadable resource
Creator Yoti Goudas