How to make a staff-led podcast

Organisation One by One

This how-to guide by Dr Sophie Frost forms part of the University of Leicester’s One by One project, aimed at building digital literacy and confidence in museums. Sophie worked with Royal Pavilion and Museums, Brighton and Hove, to explore ways to develop digital courage within the service. A staff-led podcast was one of the project outcomes, and in this guide Sophie takes you through the process step by step. If you find this resource helpful you might also be interested in the related case study, Working together to grow digital courage.

This approach is suitable for any museum or service whose staff or volunteers want to reach new audiences or present collections in a new way. It is a way for the people involved – whose voices may not always be heard – to present their knowledge, anecdotes and stories in an informal yet structured way. It’s also a creative way to develop staff’s digital skills.

Rights © University of Leicester (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Published February 2020
Format Web page
Creator Dr Sophie Frost