How a stranger 700 miles away is showing me the world’s greatest art

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If anyone needs convincing of the potential power of a museum experience via digital means then this is the article to read. It is a writer’s account of getting hooked on live-streaming video from the Prado Museum – perfect advocacy for digital experiences plus interesting insights into the way the live-stream is set up and the impact it has.

One morning the writer happens upon a live-streaming feed (video filmed and broadcast in real time) from Madrid’s Prado Museum. He gets hooked, tuning in on his phone from bed each day to be taken for a quick look around the galleries by an unidentified staffer at the museum before they open to the public.

One of the fears we often have is that those of us working with digital content and experiences are trying to replace a physical visit to a museum. Digital can be dismissed as being ‘nothing like the real thing’. It isn’t of course – a digital experience is different, with its own, different value. That’s what this article illustrates so beautifully. It’s one person’s story but is a great place to start when thinking about why and how digital interactions can be worthwhile.

The article is also testament to the benefits of a museum taking an experimental approach to live-streaming and gives an idea of the scale and types of interaction the filming generates.

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Published 05/09/2017
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