Google Analytics 101

Organisation Thirty8 Digital (commissioned by the South West Museum Development Programme (SWMDP))

A very thorough ‘how to’ guide for using Google Analytics, with simple to understand explanations that range from getting set up, strategies for thinking about analytics, key definitions and useful areas of functionality. This includes working out where users come from, segmenting them, reporting how they use your site and creating dashboards to share information with colleagues.

Be aware that the appearance and how some of functions of Google Analytics are accessed do change over time, so this means that some of what’s been outlined here may not look or work exactly as described. However the thinking behind the of use of Google Analytics explained here still remains relevant and is therefore still very useful. If you find that some aspects in the guide are a little out of date – we suggest you  use the guide in conjunction with Analytics Help from Google.

Rights Creative Commons (CC- BY-NC-SA 4.0)
Format Google document
Creator Mike Ellis