Getting started with live streaming

Organisation Digital Culture Network

This webinar recording gives a thorough introduction to live streaming for an online audience. The Digital Culture Network’s Dean Shaw takes you through everything you’ll need to know to get started with live streaming using appropriate equipment. This webinar focuses on a slightly higher level of live streaming capture, so it doesn’t cover ‘going live’ straight from mobile devices or using in-built device cameras and audio.

In the webinar, Dean covers the equipment you’ll need and how you can use it, the accessories and software needed for good live streaming and how to live stream to Facebook and YouTube. The webinar is rounded off by a Q+A session where Dean answers a number of interesting technical questions from the audience, covering the practicalities of live streaming. Underneath the video of the webinar, there is a useful list of equipment with links and prices, to help gauge your budget for your live streaming.

Rights © Digital Culture Network (Open Government Licence)
Published February 2021
Format Website, Video
Creator Dean Shaw