Developing virtual tours

Organisation Culture24

In this resource Sacha Coward, a freelancer in the heritage sector specialising in LGBTQ+ history engagement and virtual tour creator, covers the essentials for creating a virtual tour for your museum.

The museum tour is a time tested tool for audience engagement. Over the last decade, many organisations have tried to replicate the formula in an online setting, with varied levels of success. Creating an engaging virtual tour is a challenge, but not impossible. Sacha Coward has years of experience in creating tours, virtual and physical, and through this resource he has condensed that experience to give you a thorough introduction to creating your own virtual tour.

This resource features a number of practical tips, expert advice and great examples for inspiration. It also features a series of videos which give greater context to virtual tours.

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Published December 2021
Format Website
Creator Sacha Coward, freelancer in the heritage sector