Developing staff digital skills: approach and process

Organisation One by One

This how-to guide by Dr Karin De Wild forms part of the University of Leicester’s One by One project aimed at building digital literacy and confidence in museums. Karin worked with National Museums Scotland over a year to develop and implement processes outlined in the guide.

It is designed to help museum leaders to identify digital potential within the museum workforce, build a digitally literate workforce one step at a time, and support continuous learning and development.

The resource comes with a downloadable Development Plan Pack which you can customise to your own organisation.

If you find this resource interesting, take a look at the case study written by Karin and Rob Cawston about implementing sustainable processes for developing digital skills at National Museums Scotland.

Rights © University of Leicester (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Published February 2020
Format Web page and downloadable Word document
Creator Dr Karin De Wild