COVID-19 digital checklist for charity trustees and leaders

Organisation Charity Digital

This checklist is designed to help charity boards and leaders with the decisions they need to make about digital during the Covid-19 crisis. It also aims to get them thinking about what they’d like their charities to achieve during the pandemic and moving forward. The checklist is broken down into categories, including remote working, services, people, fundraising, governance, strategy and resources.

Whilst some of the advice is specific to the pandemic, they are still useful considerations for any organisation thinking about its digital maturity – particularly as the sector starts to recover from Covid-19. The resource is aimed at charities, but the content is still useful for heritage organisations. The checklist is a starting point to get trustees and leaders thinking, and is not exhaustive – but Charity Digital have been adding more content to it over the months, and will continue to do so over the course of the pandemic.

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Published 2020
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