Capture your collections 2012 – small museum version

Organisation Canadian Heritage Information Network

Capture your collections 2012 – small museum version   is an online training course, which a comprehensive approach to planning digitisation. The online course is divided into nine modules, each of which will take between 15 minutes and two hours to complete. It’s stated aims are to enable those who complete the course to:

  • Gain the knowledge to manage the digitisation process from beginning to end
  • Assess and define the needs of your particular project
  • Evaluate digitisation options
  • Select strategies which best meet your museum’s current and future needs
  • Acquire the knowledge to select material for digitisation and provide sound justifications for your decisions
  • Understand the legal issues surrounding digitisation of museum collections
  • Be aware of the factors to consider when determining the costs of digitisation projects
  • Be aware of the steps and issues involved with collecting, documenting, processing and storing digitized images on computers and accessing images from them
  • Be familiar with the methods and options available for digitising images and their strengths and weaknesses.
Rights Canadian Heritage Information Network
Published 2012 [updated 2019]
Format Online training course
Creator Canadian Heritage Information Network