An introduction to immersive technology for museums

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There have been a number of immersive experiences developed within the museum sector over the years. Virtual reality has been in development for decades, since the 1970s, but the last 10 years has seen a dramatic increase in the number of immersive experiences available for consumers, and in the types of immersive experiences available.

Broadly speaking, an immersive technology creates an experience that extends or replaces the physical space – usually ‘immersing’ a person either fully or partially in another environment, or adding something to their existing environment. In this resource Amy Shakespeare, former Innovation Manager for the Cornwall Museums Partnership and Immersive Museum Network lead, explains what immersive technologies are, how they can be used and why museums are using them. Amy highlights a number of relevant examples from the sector and shares some tips on how museums could create immersive experiences themselves, on a budget.

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Published September 2021
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Creator Amy Shakespeare, Communications and Interpretation Manager at Royal Cornwall Museum