Making it FAIR case study: Somme Museum

The Making it FAIR project was developed in response to challenges faced by smaller museums struggling to engage online with audiences during lockdown, and beyond. Eight small museums worked with a range of partners including Culture24, Collections Trust and The Audience Agency to explore and develop their digital content and storytelling with collections. Over five months, each museum experimented with new ideas, approaches, processes and, where relevant, technical solutions, to help them build digital skills and to create engaging, relevant, fit-for-purpose digital content.

This is one of a set of eight case studies. You can find a summary of all of the Making it FAIR project case studies here.

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What did you want to find out? | What did you do? | What were the challenges? | What did you learn? | What’s next? | Top tips and insights

What did you want to find out?

  • How to create a legacy that was reusable
  • How to regain ownership of the museum’s website
  • How to create a digital brochure
  • How to make our accession register more user friendly
  • How best to use digitalisation for social media platforms and make our artifacts more accessible to our audiences.

What did you do?

  • We up-skilled and now have a new website using WordPress which is accessible and controllable
  • We have created a brochure with 100 articles/artifacts from the museum collection
  • Created a digital gallery of photographic images.

Below is a screenshot of the Ulster Tower – 100 years of Remembrance, 100 Memories website, which features images and stories from their collection.

Screenshot of the Ulster Tower 100 - memories website

What were the challenges?

  • Time management
  • Committing and maintaining a high level of interaction, on the platforms, on a daily basis.
  • The use of the social media scheduling platform Buffer to assist in daily posts was a vital part of the project being successful

What did you learn?

  • We learnt to use analytics more to know and target our audience
  • We learnt to use an array of new digital hardware and software
  • We learnt to use Buffer to help schedule our social content and better manage our time and resource.

What’s next?

  • Maintain what has been achieved
  • Produce more digital images and short videos that can be integrated into our new website along with our social media platforms
  • Pass these new skills to other members of our team.

Top tips and insights

  • Planning and preparation is vital
  • We highly recommend using a scheduling assistant to do daily posts on your social platforms
  • Interact with each post (don’t just post your content and ignore it – reply to comments).

Funding and partners: Making It FAIR was supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Towards a National Collection programme (TaNC) as part of UKRI’s call for COVID-19 projects. The project was led by University of York and partners were Collections Trust, Culture24, Museum of London Archaeology, The Audience Agency, Intelligent Heritage and Knowledge Integration.