6. Further resources to support your digital leadership

Following the success of Leading the Sector, a professional development course in Digital Leadership for a cohort of 16 leaders from medium-to-large heritage organisations across the UK and the programme which informed this Pathway, Culture24 was awarded further funding through the National Lottery Heritage Fund’s Digital Skills for Heritage programme. In response, we developed a follow on programme called Leading the Sector 2022. This was a programme of online seminars and in-person workshops focused on promoting and building senior digital leadership across the UK’s heritage sector.

We have created a number of new resources through that programme which can further support your digital literacy as a heritage leader.

Online seminar recordings

Through the Leading the Sector 2022 programme we delivered six online seminars focusing on different topics related to digital leadership. You can find the recordings of those seminars, along with some useful further resources, in the links below.

In-person workshop resources

After our in-person workshops we sent a follow-up email to delegates containing a number of useful links to resources, tools and reports. You can find those resources below, to aid with your own digital literacy development.

Tool and resources – organisational development


Digital Culture

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